Making the best out of Beauty when you travel.

Talking beauty travel tips.


A few of us Talking Beauty girls are taking big trips this year and many of our clients are escaping Melbourne Winter! So what better time to share our tips and advice for how to make the most out of your beauty treatments and avoid your skin freaking out from climate change and long plane flights. If doesn’t matter if your planning to travel to Europe or to Perth, you can never be too prepared.

1.Let’s start with your hair removal. Once you have your trip planned, talk to your therapist and working back from your leave date, plan your appointments in advance to get the most out of your hair removal. This will not only have you hair free for your journey, but will have your hair growth at a steady pace meaning you will get the most out of your treatments. We offer sugaring, waxing and threading for hair removal. And if you are super prepared, even consider IPL!

2. Want those nails looking special? Why not get shellac on your fingers and toes? Shellac lasts longer and won’t chip the same way as polish.

3. Get the best Lashlift and brow shape in Melbourne! We offer both tinting and henna for brows. We all know how good eye work can really enhance your features and it makes things easy especially if your wanting to go makeup free for your trip.It also makes things easier if you are still wearing makeup too. Pop on some powder, blush and lipstick and your set!

4. We get lots of clients that travel regularly in the salon and often ask for advice on what they can do to save their skin from dehydration and “freak outs” from the change of environment or long flights. Plan some facials and make sure you book in a facial treatment close to your leave date. We can make sure your skin is well hydrated and protected from the outside.
If you don’t have time for a lengthy treatment then opt for a session of LED. LED is available with a facial or as a stand-alone treatment. We offer fantastic packages for LED and it’s also a good treatment for after your holiday too. Ask your therapist for more information.

5. Another reason to book in a facial is for a skin review. We can give you the best advice to make the most out of your products while your away. If your leaving Melbourne winter and travelling overseas to somewhere tropical (half you luck!) then you will find your Melbourne winter products are probably not going to be appropriate. They can be put aside for your return and we can recommend the best products to take along with your sun block!

6. Two big skin saving products that we often recommend for any flight are Lotion N and Oleogel Plus. These 2 products will hydrate and protect the barrier from loosing moisture. If you have a long overseas flight we recommend you invest in these beauties. They will also be helpful if you’re going into winter or to the snow. In fact, if you’re going to the snow, Oleogel Plus will be a life saver!!
We also sell Dermaviduals travel packs which are an absolute bargain and individual travel size products.
*Skin Saving Tip! Taking a travel size cleansing milk and essential cleansing cloth with you and using them on the plane with Oleogel and Lotion N will work wonders! You will step off the plane looking radiant.

7. You can’t go past a spray tan to get you in that Holiday mood and our spray tans are the best! We use Moroccan Tan which is full of hydrating ingredients to make your skin glow. We will consult you before your tan to find out the depth of colour you would like and recommend what we think is best. We will also give you the best tips for prolonging your tan and can show you some take home products if you would like to keep the colour of the tan throughout your trip.

8. Our biggest advice is to talk to us in advance and get your appointments in. And enjoy stress free holidays!