Our incredible deep muscular massage is the perfect way to soothe your body and soul. Designed for people short on time (but high on stress!) Sore muscles and specific problem areas are targeted to leave you with a truly decadent massage experience.

30 minutes $65
45 Minutes $95
60 minutes $115

Slice of Paradise $135

Can’t seem to find the time for a tropical holiday? Let us bring it to you! To start, skin is dry brushed to slough away dead skin cells and increase circulation, making way for a delicious massage with warm coconut oil. While you’re cocooned in a warm blanket to let the oil soak deeply into you skin, enjoy a hydrating mini-facial and incredibly relaxing scalp massage.

Sugar Glow $110

Our famed sugar scrub is the ultimate way to prep your skin. Your body is cleansed using an invigoratingly luxurious mixture of natural raw cane sugar and nut oils to thoroughly remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin baby-soft and velvety-smooth. A great way to prep skin for other treatments.