LED therapy is the use of varying coloured lights to treat, correct and prevent a variety of challenging skin conditions. The LED triggers the body to convert light energy into cell energy and this works to change the way in which your skin is structured and functions. Results can be immediate and maintained with regular treatments.

This exceptional and relaxing treatment can benefit all skin types including ageing, sensitive, rosacea, pigmented, acne/breakouts and can also be used to give your skin a rejuvenated radiance ideal for a special occasion.

The LED does not injure the skin or create any heat as other light forms can.

LED with Therapist $95

LED Facial Add-On $50

LED 5-Pass (Tue-Fri) *condition apply $225

LED 10-Pass (Tue-Fri) *condition apply $375

4 Weeks Unlimited LED (Tue-Fri) *condition apply $310