Spray Tan


Spray Tan

Talking Beauty is renowned for our flawless application, exquisite colour choice, tanning styles, and superior service. To give you the very best result, all spray tanning applications include a personalised colour consultation, highly-trained tanning therapist, disposable under-garments and a drying session too. And your happiness is our priority, so you can tan with confidence thanks to our money-back guarantee.

Full Body Spray Tan $50
Half Body Tan $35
Full Body Double Coat $60


How can you be sure you’ll get a spray tan result that meets your expectations?
It can be confusing; there are so many options and they’re all the same, right? WRONG! We’re different. Here’s why!

Will I be orange?
NO! With over 10 different colour options on offer, we’ve got a solution for your skin type & condition. We’re your best chance at avoiding the “oompa-loompa” look!

Who’s tanning me?
A highly trained, expert tan-ologist will perform your application. (Our tan-ologists have undergone extensive training and been awarded the “Talking Beauty Tanning Certificate”!)

What if I’m shy?
We’ve performed a heap of spray tans, and we’ve seen it all, so there’s no need to feel nervous, self-conscious or afraid. We have a remarkable ability to make you feel comfortable even when you’re naked.

Will I be comfortable?
We invest in the latest and best equipment when it comes to spray tanning & skin care – A clean-air tanning environment, plus superior extraction of fumes and excess tan through our custom built spray-tan rooms and spray guns.

Tanning Tips:

And because we want you to have the most amazing result possible, we’ve included some handy tips to obey before your spray:
Prep & prime pre-tan:
• Skin Patch tests are free, and highly recommended for sensitive skin types, or if you’ve never used UV-free tanning products.
• Shower and exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Lazy bones, and those wanting a superior tan should book in for our recommended professional exfoliation treatment(s).
• Wear dark, loose clothing. Spray tanned skin is gorgeous, a bronze-tinged white tee? Not so much.
• Say NO to moisturiser! It’ll interfere with the absorption of the tanning solution into the skin.
• Wax, shave, epilate, pluck – remove hair any way you want, just do it BEFORE you come in for your tan.
• Feeling shy? We’ve got disposable undies on hand.
Post-tan maintenance:
• Stay out of the shower for 6-8 hours to let that golden colour really develop.
• Have a lazy day. Excessive exercise and heavy perspiration in the 6-8 hours after tanning can wreck your glow.
• You’ll see some wash off after your first shower. Don’t panic! This is normal and is simply the excess bronzer making its escape.
• Steer clear of long baths, chlorine pools and any other activities that’ll naturally exfoliate you skin.
• Lather yourself regularly with moisturiser or our professional tan extender for best results.