Treatment packages


Treatment packages

Why have just one of our heavenly treatments, when you can treat yourself to a whole list-full? Enjoy our indulgent packages for the perfect Talking Beauty experience.

Let’s Talk Beauty

2 ½ hours $299
Start your package with our incredible Customised facial, followed by a luxurious back, neck and shoulder stress-relieving massage. Top it all off with a prettifying manicure and leave Talking Beauty feeling incredibly relaxed and beautiful.

Sweet Escape

1 ½ hours $195
A true sensory journey full of sweet treats, your package begins with an invigorating full body cleanse using decadent coconut-infused raw cane sugar, prepping your body for an indulgent massage with warm coconut oil. And while the oil is infusing to soften your skin, enjoy a mini facial and tingling scalp massage for a taste of true luxury.

Half Day in Heaven

3 ½ hours $399
4 ½ hours with pedicure $487
Our most indulgent pampering experience, this is the ultimate top-to-toe package to take you away from it all. Feel completely rejuvenated with a Customised facial, body sugar scrub, a luxurious full body massage, and a manicure too! An ideal treat to take a little escape from the stress of daily life. Go on, you deserve it.